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Just saw a tweet that said "Stay at Wear a" and I'm like... that's a class A subnet. That's a mask big enough for you and 16,777,213 other people. That's never gonna work.

Be smart, people. Stay at, wear a

@digital_carver All you needed to do was add "song" to the end of your search term.

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@EVoCeO I am saying that her contention that the statement is absurd is incorrect. An isosceles triangle may be any colour, including green. I've no interest in following it after that.

@tonyredgrave I'm not talking about licking. I once watched a girlfriend's dog gather up all of the blankets in his bed into a big bunch. Then he got over the top of them and humped, rubbing his penis between the blankets and his belly. It was hilarious but he became self conscious when he realised we were watching.

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@gwmngilfen I'd like to apply for permissions to become a member of the fork, as I don't like the maintainers of the UK project

@blinkinell @DScottPresso The guy in the video is splitting hairs. Not sure what it has to do with the Popper quote either. Intolerant of intolerance is a circular argument.

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@DScottPresso We disagree and I don't have time to continue this. Good luck fighting the evils of the world, however you choose to do it.

@DScottPresso A lot of what ifs there. Substitute nazism & fascism for your own hobby horse and imagine yourself as B. Then try and defend your position. Oh no, you can't. You've been no-platformed. How do you feel? Frustrated? Angry? Likely to leave the "offending" belief behind and embrace your opponent's point of view? Or maybe considering some kind of violent action? You might be exceptional but one thing we also learn from history is the way most people react in such a bind.

@DScottPresso It's as simple as if A tells B that B is wrong and that B isn't allowed to argue about it then B feels they are being treated unfairly, gets angry & entrenched. Simple human nature. It's fundamentally impossible to change anyone's mind if they don't feel that they are being fairly and as an equal. In fact they then often play the 'oppressed card' and can win support from others. You (we?) have to let them speak and then dismantle their argument with logic.

@DScottPresso @vaughan "people started making excuses for Icke having something valid." That's the problem with drugs as lifestyle vs mere entertainment.

@EVoCeO Nothing wrong with "an isosceles triangle is green." "All isosceles triangles are green" is certainly problematic however.

@DScottPresso ALL no platforming should be abolished. As abhorrent as nazi & fascist views are, you'll never convince anyone away from those views if you are allowed to speak and they are not. I could expand on this but it seems obvious and I'm tired.

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#IT #socialmedia #dataprotection #facebook #eu #ireland #usa #politics

Nick Clegg is a failed politician. His ill-informed defence of Facebook lacks any credibility.

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Pro: privacy, personal autonomy. Anti: surveillance (government & commercial.)